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Part number: PS113

Double sided carpet tape for professional use in the furnishing sector

Product Details

Product information

PS113 is one of the most powerful double sided carpet tapes in our range. This white BOPP double sided carpet tape is made of synthetic gauze that provides excellent adhesion and easy tear.

PS113 double sided carpet tape provides easy application, precise tear and removal without breaking. Thanks to these qualities, the product is recommended for professional use, especially for applications in the furnishing sector, guaranteeing excellent carpet bonding.

This double sided carpet tape is ideal for flooring applications in any context where speed and precision are required. It is widely employed in the entertainment and exhibition sector.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy application
  • Removal without breaking
  • Precise tear
  • Total weight: 180g/m2
  • Total Thickness: 200µm
  • MD tensile strength: > 32N/cm
  • MD elongation at break: > 12%
  • Adhesion to steel plate: > 7,2N/cm