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0.8mm x 6mm x 25m, grey, high-performance double-sided Structural Bonding Tape.

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Relyabond Structural Bonding Tape is a very powerful double-sided tape and is suitable for a wide range of multi-purpose bonding applications. It’s high performance adhesive system is suitable for bonding a wide variety of substrates such as metals and plastics.

• Suitable for multi-purpose high strength bonding applications.
• Structural Sign Bonds.
• Sign Channel Fixing.
• Metal to Metal Fixing.
• Fabrication and Panel Mounting.
• PVC and Composite Bonding.
• Especially suited to signage mounting, decorative trim, and emblems.
and emblems.

Features and Benefits

• Superior grip strength.
• The visco-elastic foam core of Relyabond absorbs and dissipates dynamic and static loads and is therefore able to compensate for thermal elongation of parts.
• Creates durable and lightweight seals.
• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
• Replaces mechanical fixing methods such as rivets.
• Total thickness: 800 microns.
• Backing material: Foamed acrylic.
• Colour: Gray.
• Type of adhesive: Pure acrylic.
• Adhesion to steel: 28 N/cm after 3 days.
• Adhesion to aluminium: 35 N/cm after 3 days.
• Temperature resistance: 100 °C long term.
• Temperature resistance: 200 °C short term.