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VELCRO® Brand Tape PS153 self adhesive Tape. This is a very popular, multipurpose, VELCRO® Brand product. Supplied in rolls which can be easily stored and gives you the flexibility to cut the length you need. We supply VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop separately so that you only buy what you need. VELCRO® Brand Tape PS153 General Adhesive is a rubber based adhesive, offering good tack. Ideal for use on low energy surfaces including Polystyrene, Acetyl, PVA (polyvinyl acetate), Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Teflon. Can be used in temperature ranges from -15C to 60 deg C.


Features and Benefits

  • Sizes Available:
    • 10mm x 25M
    • 16mm x 25M
    • 20mm x 25M
    • 25mm x 25M
    • 50mm x 25M
    • 100mm x 25M
  • Available Colours: Black, White