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Packstat Ltd is a leading global supplier and converter of technical tapes, foams and related products. We offer an extensive range, sourced from the world’s top tape manufacturers. This is paired with specialist in-house converting and bonding expertise to deliver bespoke solutions. Our products meet the stringent quality and performance demands of industries such as aerospace, automotive and electronics.

We are continually investing in quality and technology in order to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction, improve lead times and reduce waste. We work with customers to ensure we align with relevant specifications and quality standards and offer complete batch traceability.

Packstat was founded in 1990 and is part of the NewMet group of companies, specialists in materials technology. In addition to conventional tape products, our customers therefore have access to a wide range of materials, including silicone foams, composites and other polymeric materials, which offer specific properties in demanding environments.

One-Stop shop

We supply an extensive range of tapes from the world’s leading tape manufacturers. Tapes are available both with and without adhesive, single or double-sided. Alongside our tapes and adhesive options, we offer technical materials which can be converted and bonded to your specifications, including EPDM, silicone and foam.

State-of-the-art conversion facilities

We manufacture bespoke products in our factories, where capabilities include slitting, sheeting and laminating. Using CAD in conjunction with cutting, moulding and extruding machines, we can meet detailed specifications for customised shapes and 2D parts, including seals and gaskets and die cuts.