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Our tapes and specialist solutions meet the ever increasing demands of a broad range of industries. With proven technology, in-house manufacturing capabilities and excellent customer service, Packstat has the solution you need to enhance your products, optimise your processes and increase efficiency.

Building and Construction

This industry is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the world and demands products that are reliable, cost effective and time saving. Packstat invests heavily in research and development to keep one step ahead to supply products our clients can rely on. From general purpose wrapping, bundling and masking tapes to high-end bonding and sealing products, we have a product range that can be accessed by architects and builders alike. Other products from our Building and Construction range include: waterproof cloth tapes, aluminium foil tapes, PVC electrical tapes, hazard warning and anti-slip tapes, UV-resistant protection tapes, masking tapes, crossweave filament tapes, foam seals, double-sided tapes, and more.


The glazing industry is a core market for Packstat and we offer the full product range of tapes used in this sector. It means we have the answer to your needs including: cloth or aluminium tape for sealing double glazed units; high-density foam transport pads for glass stillages; spacer bar double-sided tape; trim mounting or Georgian bar mounting tapes; foam security glazing tapes; compression or expanding foam sealant tapes; in-house extrusion seals; long term UV-resistant tapes; re-positionable tapes that remove residue free; and a wide variety of packaging and bundling products.


The heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry relies heavily on a variety of adhesive products to meet stringent specifications and approvals. Our products allow manufacturers and fitters alike to create air, water and weather seals using extruded products and expanding and compression foam seals. A full range of ducting tapes include waterproof cloth tapes, aluminium foils and PVC tapes. Our in-house converted foam range creates acoustic barriers for sound deadening, anti-vibration products, and gap filling and cushioning solutions. All our products can be paired with the correct and bespoke adhesive systems required for individual applications.

Automotive and Coach Building

Much like the aerospace industry, the automotive sector relies heavily on the technical products and support that Packstat offers as a result of our consistent focus on new trends and technologies. We supply a vast range of products such as double-sided tapes and phenolic resins that can be used for panel trim and mirror bonding, wire harnessing, emblem badge and decal mounting as well as structural bonding tapes, and masking and protection products.

Aerospace and Defence

Based on our longstanding experience in this sector, coupled with support from our parent company NewMet Ltd, we have a bespoke range of products that meet the stringent specifications this industry requires. In-house lab-testing capabilities allow us to trial products to specific aerospace and MOD demands. Products include flame-resistant and high-temperature tapes that meet FAR 25.853. type approvals. Typical applications include carpet and floor fixing, substrate separation and gap filling, acoustic and vibration dampening, fluid and air seals, trim and panel mounting, conductive and RF shielding products and protection and masking.

Metal Fabrication

Packstat specialises in tapes to bond metals together and to protect them. We offer an incredible bespoke line of double-sided tapes that can be used to adhere to metals of virtually any type. Be they painted, powder coated or surface treated substrates, we use our expertise to identify the correct tape for the job. Typical products include pure acrylics, modified acrylics, water-based acrylics, foamed acrylics, tackified acrylics and conductive adhesives. We also offer a full range of masking and protection products to enable your product to reach its destination unscathed.


White goods require a varied range of parts to complete the final product and Packstat has the capability to cover the adhesive-based needs. Typical products for this industry include: high-temperature polyester tapes for coil wrapping; PVC tapes for electrical works; high strength double-sided tapes for bonding and securing parts; double and single-sided foam tapes for gap filling, anti-vibration and acoustic dampening; masking and protection products to avoid costly re-works; and seals and O rings to ensure complete efficiency.


Blue chip companies around the globe are constantly challenging the limits of technology and, in this pursuit, increasingly need technical tape solutions. Our R&D team work hard to innovate to meet these demands. We have ultra-high temperature resistant tapes to thermal class H for masking and protection of PCB gold fingers and the electrical insulation of coil transformers, wires and cables. Thermally conductive or electrically conductive tapes can be processed to bespoke formats for applications such as LED and heat sink bonding alongside polyimide tapes and silicone adhesives.