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Part number: PS205

40-micron, Clear, Acrylic Transfer Tape Coated onto an 80-gsm Yellow Glassine Paper Release Liner.

Product Details

Product information

PS205 is a 40-micron, clear, acrylic transfer tape coated onto an 80-gsm yellow glassine paper release liner. This product is reverse wound to be used, recommended for all bonding, mounting and splicing applications.

Applications include:-

  • Show card assembly.
  • Point of sale assembly.
    Mounting albums, labels, leaflets, photos, posters, signs, stickers etc.
  • Mounting sample cards.
  • Mounting promotional items.
  • Mounting display items.
  • End tabbing of films, foils and papers.
  • Core starting of films, foils and paper webs.


  • Acid free / pH neutral ‐ compliant to ISO 18902.
  • Photographic activity test (PAT) for enclosure materials ‐ compliant to ISO 18916


Features and Benefits

  • Service temperature: ‐30°C to +150°C.
  • Reinforced with glass fibres for improved cohesive strength and clean break of adhesive.
  • Long ageing performances.
  • Excellent temperature resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to UV.
  • Adhesion Film Thickness: 40 Microns
  • Release Liner Thickness: 67 Microns
  • Peel Adhesion on Stainless Steel: 6.5 N/25mm
  • Colour: Clear
  • Core: 25.4 mm