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50mm x 50m, Crossweave filament heavy duty packaging tape  

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Heavy Duty Cross Weave transparent filament tape reinforced with cross fiberglass laminated to a bi-axially oriented polypropylene backing and an aggressive synthetic rubber resin solvent free adhesive. It provides excellent resistance to traction in longitudinal and transverse direction and an excellent holding power increasing the reinforcement performance. Suitable for industrial bundling, reinforcing, splicing applications and for heavy loads securing.

  • Industrial Palletising
  • Heavy duty carton sealing
  • Metal and pipe bundling
  • Industrial splicing and jointing
  • General bundling and reinforcing (no UV exposure recommended)

Size: 50mm x 50m

Features and Benefits

  • High adhesion
  • Good holding power
  • Easy bonding to variety of corrugated and solid board surfaces
  • Extreme machine and cross direction tensile strength
  • High resistance to nicks, abrasion and moisture
  • Tear resistant