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Part number: PS239

Double Sided High Performance Polyester PET Film Tape with Solvent Acrylic Adhesive.

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High Performance Double Sided Transparent Polyester Film Tape with Red Filmic Release Liner.

Designed to provide strength and dimensional stability to weak foams and gaskets/die cuts. These tapes will help prevent stretch and may increase the tensile strength of a final construction. The film has the added benefit of providing a chemical barrier to plasticizer and oils etc, which over a period of time may affect the performance of the adhesive.

Features and Benefits

  • Thickness, adhesive + carrier: 0.215 mm
  • Adhesive: High performance solvent Acrylic
  • Carrier material: Polyester film
  • Carrier thickness: 0.025 mm
  • Release liner: Red MOPP film
  • Liner thickness: 0.07 mm
  • 180 degree peel adhesion (Immediate): 1400 N/m
  • 180 degree peel adhesion (After 24h); 1920 N/m
  • Tack: 640 N/m
  • Liner release: 10 N/m
  • Service temperature: -20 to +120 Deg C.
  • Short term temperature performance: 170 < 1hr Deg C.
  • Recommended application temperature: +5 to +25 Deg C.
  • Dynamic Shear, (Immediate): 135 N/625 sq. mm
  • Dynamic Shear, (After 24h): 156 N/625 sq. mm
  • Static Shear, 2Kg @ 23 C. 625 85 Hours
  • High temp shear; 0.5Kg, 70 C. 625 100 Hours