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Part number: PS204

Double Sided Perm/Peel Polyester Tape with a Permanent Hot Melt Adhesive on the Open Side and  a Removable Acrylic Adhesive on the Closed side.

Product Details

Product information

PS204 is perm/peel polyester tape that has a permanent hot melt on the open side and  a removable acrylic adhesive on the closed sided. The closed side has good resistance to UV light, plasticisers and temperature variations; however, care should be exercised with the open side due to the nature of the adhesive.

The special perm/peel feature of this tape makes it ideal for protection/scratch pads, poster mounting and core splicing. The polyester carrier offers both dimensional stability and good die-cutting characteristics, ideal for foam/rubber gaskets.

PS202 is available as both flush edge and fingerlift options.

Finger lift tapes are essentially double sided tapes with a dry edge either side of the adhesive which enables the release liner to be removed quickly and with ease.

Generally known as finger lift tape in the U.K it is not uncommon for this product to come under the description of either Dry Edge Tape or Extended Liner Tape overseas.

Packsat offer an extensive range of finger lift tapes including transfer, film and tissue.

Features and Benefits

  • Liner: 65g siliconized release paper
  • Carrier: 17g polyester
  • Adhesive: Synthetic rubber based with 30gsm on the open side and 14gsm acrylic on the closed side
  • Total thickness: 110micron
  • Peel adhesion to steel (24-hour dwell): protected 200 N/M, open 1200 N/M
  • Shear adhesion to steel: protected 2 hours, open 100 hours
  • Service temperature range: -0C to 70C
  • Recommended application temperature: 10C to 50C