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Part number: PS194

Fingerlift Adhesive Transfer Tape for business forms and other continuous stationery.

Product Details

Product information

PS194 is an adhesive transfer fingerlift tape for business forms and other continuous stationery.

The fingerlift tape is a hot melt rubber-based permanent adhesive and has a thinner liner allowing for longer roll lengths. It’s a carrier-free unsupported tape.

Our standard range included:-

  • 8mm on 12mm liner
  • 12mm on 18mm liner
  • 18mm on 24mm liner

Finger lift tapes are essentially double sided tapes with a dry edge either side of the adhesive which enables the release liner to be removed quickly and with ease.

Generally known as finger lift tape in the U.K it is not uncommon for this product to come under the description of either Dry Edge Tape or Extended Liner Tape overseas.

Packsat offer an extensive range of finger lift tapes including transfer, film and tissue.


Features and Benefits

  • Adhesive: Hot melt rubber-based permanent
  • Application Temperature: 50°F to 122°F
  • Service Temperature: 32°F to 194°F
  • Classifications: FDA Regulation 175.105 for indirect food contact
  • Core Diameter: 3 inches