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Part number: PS220-TRA-002

Non-Woven - Monofilament Hotmelt Cord Polyester Strapping.

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Hot melt strapping is a polyester textile strapping where polyester yarns are glued together. It is produced on core 76mm for standard packaging purposes as well as on core 63mm and with less meters per roll for baling presses. If packaging goods have sharp edges, woven or composite strapping should be used instead of the glued hot melt strapping.

Polyester Strapping is becoming the preferred type of strapping product used across the UK with its many performance enhancing characteristics and cost saving advantages in comparison to alternative strapping systems, to help you cope with the challenges of transporting goods such as vibrations, temperature changes and sunlight exposure, we have developed a broad range of polyester (PET) strapping products with widths from 9 to 32 mm.

With small manufacturing tolerances, consistent high quality, and high breaking strength, our polyester strapping ensures smooth processes on both fully automatic strapping machines and hand tools.

The large majority of polyester strapping systems use a friction weld strapping tool to make the seal joint. The friction weld joint removes the requirement of strapping seals, while not compromising on joint strength, which can equate to sizable saving to users of the strapping system.

Polyester Strapping – What quality of polyester strapping do you require?

  • Embossed Hand Grade Polyester Strapping – Mainly used across light to medium duty applications, offering great strength, can be used throughout a broad range of industry sectors.
  • Smooth Hand Grade Polyester Strapping – Used in demanding applications requiring higher breaking load elongation characteristics such as the steel industry, construction or foam bailing applications.
  • Machine Grade Polyester Strapping – An extremely very high grade performance polyester strapping used in automatic strapping machines and pnumatic hand tools

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