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Part number: PS296

Modified acrylic Adhesive Transfer Tape with Scrim offering excellent adhesion to a range of substrates including  PE, PP and non-woven materials.

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Product information

PS296 is a double-sided tape with modified acrylic. It shows high adhesion strength and very high tack combined with superior aging and weatherability performance. The adhesion to a very wide range of surfaces is excellent, including low energy substrates (e.g. PE, PP and non-woven materials)

The scrim reinforcement is designed to create a product with a better dimensional stability that is easier to use and handle. This tape is used for the bonding of surfaces that are generally difficult to stick to such as foam and plastic.

Features and Benefits

  • Support: PES / PVA Scrim, Diagonal
  • Interliner: Polyolefine Foil, White, 80µm
  • Adhesive Weight: 230g/m²
  • Total Thickness: 0.24mm
  • Temperature Resistance: -40 to +140°C
  • Adhesive Strength (Contact Time 1 Hour): Min 30 N/25mm
  • Liner: PO- Film, white 80 µm Double sided silicone
  • Peel Adhesion to Steel(Based on Afera 5001): 37N/25mm
  • Dynamic Shear Resistance(Based on FTM 18): 0.14N/mm²