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Part number: PS242

Full range of PTFE coated glass cloth heat sealing tapes available in thicknesses and widths to suit all needs.

Product Details

Product information

PS242 is a full range of glass cloth heat sealing tape available in thicknesses and widths to suit all demanding needs.PS242 combine the properties of PTFE with the mechanical strength of glass cloth. They all have excellent heat and chemical resistance along with impressive non-stick properties. PTFE coated glass cloth tapes are available in plain or self-adhesive backed versions.

These products are extremely popular for heat sealing applications. Packstat are able to convert PTFE coated glass cloth into custom made gaskets along with rolls cut to any width to suit your requirement.

  • Its Applications include:-
  • Release tape on heat sealing bars and wires, heat plates, heat curtains
  • Release fabric for hot plate welding, shrink wrap machines, blister and vacuum packs
  • Release agent in moulds, chute and hopper linings, baking tray lining, sewn sleeves, flexible connections.

Features and Benefits

  • Temperature: -73°C up to +260°C.
  • Excellent release properties.
  • Low co-efficient of friction.
  • Easily cleaned.
  • Good chemical, moisture and corrosion resistance.
  • Good electrical insulation and dielectric properties.
  • Various thicknesses available to suit all applications.
  • Various widths available to suit all applications.