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PS200 is a specialist performance, polyethylene laminated waterproof cloth tape, coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive and specifically designed to meet the stringent technical requirements of the nuclear industry. PS200 is available in a unique black/white streaked colour effect.

Its Applications include

  • Temporary marking, sealing, joining, supporting and holding on nuclear fabrications during construction.
  • Specifically designed for use in the nuclear construction and ship building industries.

Features and Benefits

  • Very strong and robust.
  • Good low temperature performance.
  • Low sulphur and halogen content.
  • Flexible and conformable.
  • Easy tear by hand.
  • Low chlorine product.
  • Distinctive black/white streaked appearance allows it to be easily identified as an approved product.
  • Easy unwind for users.
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Good corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent waterproofing characteristics.
  • Adhesion to Backing: 3 N/cm
  • Adhesion to Steel: 5 N/cm
  • Service Temperature: ‐30 to 70 °C
  • Tensile Strength: 63 N/cm
  • Thickness: 0.29 mm